details of nikky



My yoga journey started in october 2016. My first passion was ballet. I was a student at the ballet academy and became a professional ballet dancer at the Dutch National Ballet. I made the difficult decision to leave ballet behind since I no longer felt the pleasure and passion for this hard profession. It was only ten years later when I discovered my second passion; Yoga! Practicing yoga gave me my love for dance and movement back and for that I am very grateful . Not long after I started my yoga practice I knew that I also wanted to teach and share my enthusiasm with others. I followed a teacher training program for yoga barre in London. For me it’s the ultimate combination of 3 beautiful disciplines (ballet, yoga and pilates) coming together in one class. In 2018 I followed a TTC for hatha and vinyasa in Bali and I will finish my pilates training in the summer of 2019. I can’t wait sharing my passion and enthusiasm with you and I hope to see you in my class!