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Paulina Vazquez has a degree in Contemporary Dance, and a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification by RYS. She has been working in different arts projects, as dancer and choreographer in Mexico where she is from, and The Netherlands where she lives since 2012. Simultaneously and with the same passion, she teaches Contemporary dance, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates in different schools around Rotterdam and The Hague. Is in 2013 when she has made yoga her main training discipline due several body injuries. As first being very much attracted of the wonderful power that yoga has healing the physical body. But once she experienced the state of presence, awareness, cultivated self-love and acceptance, yoga became her necessity. She has found in yoga actually what she was looking all her life. During my classes I place special emphasis on moving safely, all accord one’s body complexion. Our main goal will be then body alignment and right execution of the exercises. As we flow through our sequences of movement, breathing, concentration, precision and visualization will prevent us from injuries.