details of angelique



Her passion for sports and movement where the drive that got her in contact with yoga in 2005. She was already practicing yoga for a couple of years when she lost her job during one of her travels and she decided to go the India to deepen her practice. In 2010 Angelique got certified as yoga teacher (RYT500) and was inspired by many teachers and yoga styles ever since. Angelique says: “I am a Dutch yogini, a former nomad, a traveler and still on a journey called life! By practicing yoga I learn about myself. I have learned to be more aware; To be the observer of my thoughts. I’m not a saint. I love wine and I love chocolate cake and I am pretty sure I judge from time to time. What I find important is that I try to be the best version of myself, without judgment, because we are our own greatest critics and it is all too easy to criticize others. Dare to look at yourself! Reflect. We explore ourselves through the physical body. On your yoga mat and in daily life: Physically and mentally. I think you can only grow in life if you are willing to feel uncomfortable in new situations! ”