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anne rose


Rose loves to practice and teach flowy, feel-good yoga classes that allow you to feel free, open and at peace in your body. She’s passionate about all things that help us live our happiest, healthiest lives, including yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and psychology. After having found yoga at 16 years old (at Balanzs! :)) as a way of figuring out how to deal with her high sensitivity, she immediately fell in love with the practice and remembers vividly the feeling of walking out of that first class and wanting to hug everyone and everything in sight! That first yoga class made her feel a sense of peace and ‘at-homeness’ unlike else. One of her favourite things about yoga is that it can completely be adapted to your body, your mood, your energy levels, the time of the day, the fullness of the moon and anything else you can imagine. Yoga truly is for every body, and there is always a wonderful practice available for everyone. It’s this sense of openness, being at home in your body, being aligned and moving freely in a way that feels good that she hopes to bring to her classes.