details of dong



Dong’s origins lie in the rich Chinese culture. From an early age she has discovered her passion for dancing, gymnastics and physical movements. Since 1995, Dong has supported many families as a social worker for more than 13 years. This made her grow as a person. A year long search for herself and for a place where she feels at home has reserved in following various courses and training, including Dynamic Yoga, Do-in, Reiki, massage & Classic Shiatsu Therapy. Dong believes in the life force of every person. Her passion is to let every person discover his or her life force and through this. Since March 2012, Dong has taken the big step to turn her passion into her work: In addition to yoga classes at Balanzs she also gives treatments in Shiatsu, Reiki and massage. Dong would like to share her knowledge and experience with you, from the body, the heart and the (conscious) BEING. Find it in your own body!