details of johanna



Already in early teenage years I was interested in Eastern philosophies, searching for the answers to the questions that I could not find in my hometown of Örebro, Sweden. But it wasn’t until in my 20’s when I found yoga. I still remember the feeling I had after my first vinyasa class, my wrists hurting from standing in downward facing dog and the hamstrings like jello, but the rest of my body and my especially my heart felt light as a feather. In 2013 I came to Den Haag and found the vast amount of yoga studios, and from there I created a life around the practice of yoga. I wanted to go even deeper, so in 2017 I participated in two 200hr teacher trainings. Equipped with the tools I needed to transfer the unique feeling and sense of wonder that a yoga practice can offer, I am now embarking on a new life path as a yoga teacher. In my classes I am looking to create a certain softness and connection to the Self, even in the more vigorous practices such as Vinyasa Flow it is possible to find a state of harmony and joy. I like to work with integrating the breath (pranayama) to the movement (asana) and the different gazing points (dristi). Or, if you are attending one of my yin classes we’ll be working with the meridians and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. My own practice lies mostly in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style, and I have worked with inspiring teachers such as Govinda Kai, Claudia Pradella, and Kino McGregor. After a more challenging asana practice I find that my mind has come to a stillness and I feel a connection that is so heart opening it keeps calling me back day after day. I hope to spread this stillness on to the people that I come across in my classes.