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Looking back to my childhood, I was always busy with yoga. As a child I was not very sporty or competitive. I preferred to take attitudes of action and close my eyes to relax. Now years later I recognize this in yoga. In the intervening years I have lost the yoga path. I rebelled against the world and left for France. This feeling made for ambition when I returned to the Netherlands after a few years. In the pursuit of more and bigger I came across myself hard. It was a celebration of recognition when I started yoga in 2009 and visibly found peace in myself again. Physically I became healthier and mentally stronger. My passion for yoga was sparked. In search of knowledge about yoga I followed the Hatha Yoga and Kinderyoga training at Fiore Osmose Yoga. In these courses I learned that yoga is so much more than just the asanas. This is also what I like to convey as a yoga teacher. Yoga helps me every day to find the right balance between body, feeling and mind. The connection between these three elements is intriguing. Yoga has greatly changed my life.