details of evamaria



My name is Eva and I believe that yoga can support you in every aspect of your daily life and yes, indeed, make your body, mind and soul HAPPY! Because it asks us to stop, listen and feed ourselves with what we need most in the now. When I roll out my mat to do my asana or sitting practice (that’s what I call meditation), I ask myself: “What do I need today?” Sometimes it’s a gentle slow flow practice to wake up my body and smooth out those cranky joints. On other days I love challenging myself in arm balances. And after a very long and exhausting day with the kids, I can totally hang out in a yin-like forward fold and just give in. And to me, that is the beauty of yoga: You don’t have to have a perfect body to practice yoga. You don’t need to know the Sanskrit names of the poses. Rather, yoga invites us to connect the dots between our body, mind and soul and everything around us.