details of daniel



Hello beautiful world. My name is Daniel. I am a vinyasa teacher at Balanzs. I am also trained in Ashtanga and Kundalini. I started practicing yoga for over five years. I met my Guru at a studio I worked at. After I was certified I started working with students one on one. I just recently took up teaching in the class rooms this year. I found yoga stimulating in many aspects of my life. The philosophies of yoga spoke to my heart. The way we create these negative patterns and how yoga helps us identify them blew me away. It was like therapy to me. The breath and mental control aspect of yoga stimulated my mind. I have ADHD. Quieting my mind is one of the hardest tasks that yoga pushes me to embrace. The physical endurance and patience spoke to my body. I began to love and respect myself deeper. Yoga has allowed me to see the light in others because i see the light in myself. I want to give the same to my students. I hope that they can be inspired the same way I am.